Above a few of my watercolour paintings and sketches, planning for a still life and below, paintings that were inspired by my garden and the landscape around my home

Come and join me in the garden this summer for 2 days of drawing and painting….

Beautiful work from the February oil painting classes

I am really pleased to be running these 2 painting workshops this summer. The workshop is suitable for all and  I will show you step by step methods and techniques that I use in my own work. The emphasis to begin with will be on gathering information (outside if the weather is good) in the form of drawings, pastel sketches, small gouache paintings and photographs. We will be concentrating on the flowers and plants in the garden and at the landscape beyond, which we will bring these into the studio where I will show you how to develop these into larger scale mixed- media pieces of work. We will be using oil pastels, pastels, gouache, ink, and collage.

19th – 20th July   £150

1st – 2nd August  £150

The day will start at 10 and run until 5 …. with plenty of breaks and tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit to keep you going!

We will stop for lunch for about 1/2 hr

You will need to bring an apron, sandwich and a set of oil pastels with good range of colours suitable for plants and flowers (about 12  colours) and a large sketch book with good quality cartridge paper. If you have brushes that are suitable for using with gouache please bring them. A camera phone or iPad would be useful but not essential if you don’t have one.

I will provide all drawing materials,  synthetic paintbrushes,  gouache, soft pastels and materials for collage and the final primed board for working on which will be about 50 x 50 cm

Everyone focused and working hard!