Flowers and Quince oil on board 100 x 100 cm

Studio October 2018

‘I found Karen Bowers’ three day painting course on still life very helpful and a lot of fun. There was a real sense of camaraderie and bubbling banter – making it instantly relaxing, the log fire blazing and Karen’s menagerie rearranging the still life just to keep us on our toes. I know and love Karen’s paintings and admire greatly her beautiful layering of colour and form. The various different drawing exercises to start to loosen up my drawing skills – by the end of the 3 days I felt uninhibited and totally focused on my painting.
To have a chance to have an insight into Karen’s approach to putting marks on paper was fascinating and hugely rewarding. Thank you so much Karen – I came away wanting more and I am certainly looking at the world in a slightly different “hue”…! The cake was marvellous too!:).’ Lizzie Hicks – Fashion Consultant

‘I really enjoyed Karen’s painting classes, they are good fun as well as very informative. I learnt so much in just a couple of sessions and now look at the subject in a different way. It doesn’t matter what level you are at, Karen will bring out the best in you as her passion and enthusiasm really rubs off. Looking forward to attending again.’ Sue Bradbury – Garden Designer

Anybody considering these should go for it. Karen is a great teacher who is so giving of her time and expertise. You will learn loads and have fun with this lovely generous lady. Oh Karen I only wish I lived nearer! Fiona


I am really pleased to be running these oil painting workshops this spring. Oil paint is a wonderful medium to work with, the possibilities of colour and texture are infinitely exciting. The workshop is suitable for all and I will show you step by step methods and techniques that I use in my own work. The emphasis to begin with will be on drawing and underpainting in inks. Our inspiration will be large colourful vases of spring flowers and the focus will be on using oil in an immediate and expressive way, loosing any fear that may be a block to using the medium. The outcome will be large scale flower paintings in oil.


11th and 12th April £150

25th and 26th April £150

23rd and 24th May £150

Busy day in the studio

The day will start at 10 and run until 5 …. with plenty of breaks and tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit to keep you going!

We will stop for lunch for about 1/2 hr

You will need to bring an apron, sandwich and a set of oil pastels with good range of colours suitable for flowers and foliage (about 12 colours) and a large sketch book with good quality cartridge paper. Please buy a small tube of quinacridone pink oil paint (good for achieving some of the brighter pinks, mauves and oranges we need in flower painting).You will need a couple of watercolour brushes different sizes (not too small) and a basic set of oil painting brushes. A camera phone or iPad would be useful but not essential.
I will provide all drawing materials, some synthetic paintbrushes, inks, oils, and the final primed board for working on which will be about 70 x 70 cm

Work from previous classes and workshops last year by Lynn, Fiona, Ginny and Victoria