Oil Painting Classes for January and February….


Summer Borders oil on gesso……

Testimonial from the Still Life and mixed media class….

“I really loved this course, it pushed me beyond my comfort zone but the friendliness of everyone there meant it was also relaxing and fun. I learnt a lot about use of materials and techniques that I hadn’t explored before which opens up a Pandora’s box of ideas of how I would like to work.

Everyone produced work that was different but equally exciting and the break time chats about art was an eye opener too. Karen is highly recommended as a teacher and I look forward to future courses in a beautiful setting.”


Some Housekeeping!

10.30 am – 3.30 ( arrive around 10.15 for a 10.30 start….gives time to have a coffee and run through the plan for the session )

The dates …..

January 8th   15th    22nd     29th

February 5th   19th  26th

March 5th

Cost  £400

Oil paint is a wonderful medium to work with, the possibilities of colour and texture is infinitely exciting. We are going to explore this medium over the 8 weeks using lots of different techniques such as scumbling, printing, and large and small mark making. Observation will be key to the work we make. I will demonstrate my practice alongside looking at other artists and their methods and will guide you to help you develop your own style.

Autumn Borders No 1 and 2  oil on gesso

This 8 week course will show you how to enjoy using oil paint using a range of different techniques. You will work on a series of paintings inspired by colourful arrangements of flowers. We will build your skills and confidence so you can create rich and expressive oil paintings.  You will learn to capture the shapes, colours and essence of flowers.

Above…some of the gorgeous work from the watercolour classes…these paintings can be used as reference for future work in oil

We will always start the class with a couple of warm up exercises which are intended to be fun and to relax you. I will demonstrate and introduce new techniques each week. Flowers will be our focus and you will learn how to bring a spontaneity and freshness to painting them that reflects their individual nature and beauty. Over the 8 weeks you will build up a library of techniques from the exercises and materials you use. I will recap from the previous weeks, and for beginners, the things learned will start to become natural and second nature. For those with more experience, you will be able to  develop your paintings in new directions. Every week we will spend  time analysing what we have covered in each session.

Techniques that we will use….

Brush marks…scratching out….dripping…softening dry areas…. drybrush…large brushwork….brush techniques…palette knife…blending…different impasto techniques….wet into wet…oil mediums…glazing…scumbling…expressive alla prima…textures in paint….printing

Exercises over the 8 weeks (using the techniques listed above)….

Quick small observational drawing and painting in oil ( I will set up small still lives, with flowers, fruit and hedgerow finds )

Tonal painting and colour mixing

Hue, tint, shade, saturation, value,

Large, fast and free, expressive mark making

Painting on coloured grounds

Working from watercolour sketches

Value exercises

3 colour painting

Organising  palettes

Using a view finder

Arranging compositions using collage in oil pastel

Photographs…this is fine occasionally, however it is very important to use them carefully and not rely on them for all the information; they can offer one form of reference

Planning, scale and composition

I will provide….

Gessoed Boards of various sizes – Basic colour oil paints – charcoal – indian ink – linseed oil- paint thinners – stand oil

You will need to bring…. 

Oil Paint…..(bright violet, magenta,sap green, cobalt turquoise )

Set of oil pastels (these can be the large or smaller bars)

Arches : Huile Oil Painting Paper – 300gsm NOT

Brushes – hog

At least 1 larger brush (3cm round)

An Apron

Palette – Ideally a large baking tray, similar to the image below, the paints will keep well covered with clingfilm.

A Sandwich

Below are suggested brushes, papers and a baking tray!

A few of the artists we will look at ….Howard Hodgkin, Ivon Hitchens, Jimmy Wright, Bonnard, Mary Fedden, Mary Potter, Mary Newcombe, Anne Redpath, Turner, Emil Nolde, Adrian Berg, Danny Markey, Elizabeth Cummings, Winifred Nicholson, Anslem Keiffer