Mondays will never be the same again…….!!


Quick preliminary charcoal drawings and pen and ink drawings, from a still life (October class)

The main focus over the 10 weeks of classes is going to be routed in the observations and ways we can interpret¬†the landscape and nature around us. Weather dependant – we will either be in the studio looking out of the large window and sketching from the garden and landscape beyond or ‘in the field’ with our sketch books, pen and ink and charcoal, and while drawing we will look at developing compositional skills. These drawings will later inform the paintings that you make back in the studio. The objective in the paintings will be to keep them fresh and immediate – there will be little opportunity for overworking. We will prepare gessoed boards for oil and learn to stretch paper on boards for watercolour. There will be time each lesson to develop colour mixing skills and painting techniques and we will look at an aspect of the theory, use of colour and the different techniques of other artists and apply aspects of this to your own painting. It is through observing other artists and their ways of working that you can slowly develop and hone your own approach to painting.Lizzie’s very beautiful gouache sketch