I am running regular Monday art classes from my home and studio nestled along the lovely valley in Chedworth, Gloucestershire. Below are photos of the front garden in summer and winter, the studio set up for still life in the winter and the lane and valley at the end of my path. It is a stunning valley, I walk here every day with the dogs, and family if I can persuade them and everyday I am inspired. We have lived here for 16 years and both our boys have grown up here ( although now teenagers and yearning for the bright lights !)

Home and the garden in summer (2016)


Home and the front garden.. Winter 2016


The classes are available in blocks of 5 or 10 and limited to 7 per class.  We will be guided by the weather; if cold and wet you will work from still lives that I will set up in the studio, when the weather is warmer we will head outside to either the garden or the valley with our drawing materials. The gathered information will be used as inspiration for making larger scale work (oil on gesso primed board)  in the studio. The studio space has lovely light and is very cosy in the winter and come summer the doors and windows can be thrown open.

The valley in fog early february 2017


Chedworth Valley in Winter 2016


Studio Still Life Winter 2016 with gouache sketch…these were turned into larger paintings on board