Art Classes – My Friday Ladies…


After a few hours these ladies are producing some wonderful fluid and colourful work – we have been looking at Bonnard and Anne Redpath along with many other painters of still life. One of the aims over the last couple of sessions has been to look carefully at scale and shape and capture this in marker pen , charcoal and indian ink. We are beginning to introduce colour, and next week will be looking at drawing the still life in colour, (no pencils or rubbers!) straight on to the primed painting boards. All the time we will be carefully looking at, and working out the colours and tones within the shapes and composition of the still life.

Lizzie totally engrossed with her fantastic ink drawing, overlaid with washes of colour….

lizzie and her lovely painting

Lovely free and expressive charcoal and indian ink drawings….

ladies-drawing- gloucestershire art classes

Amazing light falling across the windowsill and fruit bowl and a fabulous ink drawing with washes of gouache…

Gloucestershire art classes